Below are a representative selection of video performances of Marco Frisina's music. If you are interested in viewing more, we recommend that you subscribe to our Music for Faith YouTube Channel or search on "Marco Frisina" or "Coro della Diocesi di Roma" YouTube channels.

Trailer for the 2018/2019 production and tour of the spectacular opera La Divina Commedia, music by Marco Frisina and libretto by Gianmario Pagano

WORLD PREMIERE performance of work commissioned by Principal Bassoonist Lee Doswell for the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra and composed by Marco Frisina from the October 11, 2014 95th Season Gala Opening Concert of the Plainfield Symphony: "Musical Treasures from Rome: The Music of Marco Frisina", Marco Frisina Conductor with dramatic soprano Elizabeth Perryman and the choirs of the Crescent Choral Society and the Continuo Arts Symphonic Chorus - one of two New Jersey performances of this concert.

Marco Frisina composed this suite from the film score he composed for a movie on the life of Puccini at the request of Maestro Robert Butts and BONJ

Piece for bassoon and strings composed for bassoonist Lee Doswell and premiered with the Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey with Maestro Robert Butts

Conclusion of performance at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ during the first 2011 USA tour with CDR. The choir was accompanied by the Livingston Symphony Orchestra for this 6 city tour.

Alleluia von Marco Frisina Interpreten: Die Jungen Tenöre, Marco Frisina, Chor und Orchester des Vatikans The Young Tenors, Marco Frisina, Choir and Orchestra of the Vatican Coro ed Orchestra del Vaticano