In May 2015, the nonprofit charity Music for Faith, Inc. was created out of the passion and life-changing commitment of its founder, Lee Doswell—a musician who was profoundly touched by the power and beauty of Marco Frisina’s music, which led to her conversion to Catholicism. Because his works are not currently widely known or performed in our country, she established the organization to share his musical gifts and experience the joyous impact of his presence.

"From my initial encounter as a bassoonist in the orchestra that accompanied Marco Frisina during his first USA Choir Tour in 2011, I recognized that he possessed a talent born and nourished by his faith and love of all humanity. His music has the ability to inspire, console, uplift and bring joy to all who sing or listen because he shares this deep love for each one of us.
"In our troubled and broken world, I believe that through encounters with Marco Frisina and by singing and listening to his music the best in all of us can be encouraged. It is a great privilege and honor to be part of Marco Frisina's Journey in America."
Lee Doswell, executive director and president, Music for Faith, Inc.